I underwent a long & extensive treatment procedure with Dr. Cynthia Meimban which included several extractions, bone grafting, multiple implant surgery & sinus lifting. My full mouth reconstruction was done in 2 separate phases which required 6 months healing period. Thank you Dr. Meimban for looking after me from start to finish. It has been an excellent experience. Dr.Cynthia Aguilar-Meimban is a very patient & meticulous dental surgeon. She is definitely one of the best in the industry with the highest level of expertise. I am grateful & appreciate all the efforts that she put during my entire treatment. It just shows how passionate & dedicated she is on what she does to ensure her patient’s needs are addressed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who requires dental treatment particularly implant sugery. Thanks to you & the rest of your staff during the entire journey.

Anthony R. Nacion


I have been a dental patient of Dr. Meimban since 1992. My first implant was in 1995 for one tooth, as, usual, as years go by, more implants were necessary which were all done by Dr. Meimban. I am very satisfied with her works. I hate pain, thus, I remained with her until the present. I am now over 60 years old and do not intend to look for other dentists. I am fully satisfied!!! Additionally, I am impressed with her dental apparatuses and materials/supplies.

Doris Flores


My experience of dental implant surgery under Dr. Cynthia Aguilar-Meimban has been very positive. Dr. Aguilar-Meimban is an excellent and meticulous dental surgeon who demands perfection from herself to serve her patients’ needs. It’s world-class dental surgery at a fraction of international prices.

Calixto V. Chikiamco

Writer and Entrepreneur

Dr. Meimban and Osteolock Dental Implant Center are great. Dr. Meimban and her staff provide the highest quality of service with an unmatched level of expertise and compassion. Even with the cost of travel my costs were just a little over half of what the same procedures would have cost me in California. Although I still have a little more work until all my teeth are restored, I can once again eat and smile with comfort and confidence. The 9 implants that are complete are every bit as comfortable as my real teeth felt many years ago. I look forward to my final visit to receive the last 3 teeth as soon as the implant areas complete their healing. If you have lost teeth and are considering implants, I urge you to contact Dr. Meimban, she can help you understand ALL the benefits that implants can bring to your life. If you would like to contact me about my experience with Osteolock Dental Implant Center Dr. Meimban can provide my email address to you.

Roger Philipp

Director for Consumer Health Technical Services, Westlake Village, California

I have been a lifelong client of your practice. My experience with your clinic is one of the most satisfying doctor-patient relationships I’ve enjoyed. My personal experience with receiving dental implants fro you have been one of that I would recommend to my friends and colleagues.

I continue to enjoy the benefits of dental implants and I thank you for convincing me to have this procedure done years ago.

In an age when so many medical practices don’t seem to care about customer service anymore, your dental clinic does everything you claim you do, with a smile. I am one satisfied customer, and will continue to be for the years to come.

Thank you for your time.

Edgar David


Now I can speak clearly, eat and chew food with a normal tooth feeling all the time.

Pablo Q. DeLeon

Minister of the Gospel INC., Central Office Diliman, Q.C

My experience of dental implant surgery is excellent under Dr. Cynthia Aguilar Meimban. She takes care of me from start to finish until now, I am very confident to smile and eat naturally. Thanks a lot Doc. đŸ™‚

Betty Go

Housewife, Pasay City

I have been happy with my dental implants ever since the day I got them. I recently went to a new dentist here in Phoenix, Arizona for a regular check-up and he was really impressed that after 21 years, my implants were still in great condition. He even called out his assistant to show a very good example of a successful dental implant treatment. He commented on the good measure of the bones above my implants. He was just amazed at the good shape my implants were in. He even asked me to relay my congratulations to Dr. Meimban for a job well done. I am so grateful that I have Dr. Meimban as my implantologist. I never had any problem with my implants after 21 years. And the compliments just keep coming after all this time! Wow!

Cristina Panlaque

Cytogeneticist, Phoenix, Arizona

I have confidence to smile a lot. The dental implants feel so natural. Thanks to Osteolock Dental Implant Center.

Maria Eugenia Garcia

Visual Artist

The number one benefit I derived from dental implant is its hygienic result. Gone is the unpleasant appearance of metals rings on my dentures visible when I smile and talk. Also gone is the inconvenience of removing my dentures every after meal.

Puritz Hizon Ong

Vice President Corporate Link Management Network, Inc., Makati

After getting dental implants, I feel a lot better about myself and have more confidence than I did before when I was wearing removable dentures. It was not a painful process and definitely worth it. I don’t only feel better… I look better too!

Edith A. Jusay

Director Biostadt Marketing

I am grateful for the excellent services of Osteolock Dental Implant Center. Thank you Dr. Meimban for taking good care of me during my dental implant procedure from start to finish. I can definitely say she is the best in the industry.

Kenneth Lee

Businessman, Makati

Leslie Sammut

My experience with Dr. Meimban’s Dental Clinic is exceptional. I have been very happy with my dental implants since the day I got them. Before I visited her clinic, I used to abhor event the idea of having to visit a dentist. I used to get sick few days before. I have had some bad experiences with some of them.
However, when I visited Dr. Meimban’s clinic for the first time that fear disappeared. During consultation, Dr. Meimban gave me a detailed information on the advantage of having implants, and also explained to me in detail the dangers if I don't take immediate treatment of the bad situation of my teeth and gums as also to the facts that lead to a successful implantology. During and after a six-and-a-half-hour operation to do 11 implants, I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. Nor did I feel any during the healing period – about 4 months waiting for my gums to heal in order to do the crowns. I made sure to follow all her instructions to the letter. Dr. Meimban is an extremely caring person, very patient and her chief concern is the welfare of her patients that goes well beyond the day of the operation. She insists with her patients to keep contact with her – no matter what part of the world they live. I have had the implants for 7 years and Dr. Meimban still keeps contact with me and my wife to see how we are going with the implants. Whenever I had any concern or asked for any advice, I was given that as quickly and prompt as possible, of course with the proper method to follow. Both myself and my wife Carmeline highly recommend her to anyone who needs to see a dentist.

Leslie Sammut

Sydney, Australia

Tried to avoid dental implant, thinking that traditional methods of tooth replacement would see me through till I breath my last, like many others. This way, I could save a lot of money. But when chewing relatively soft foods, such as chopped apples, began to bring pains to my jawbone and grimace to my face, and when I could eat deli sandwiches only by shredding them into pieces with my fingers and putting the small pieces into my mouth, then chewing them slowly and carefully so as not to disturb the nerves around my jawbone, I decided this was not the kind of life I wanted. I then consulted my dentist, a leading dental implantologist in the country and lecturer of the trade here and abroad, who counseled me that I could restore the joy of eating of my youth by dental implant. She said there were pains when I chewed foods, as my jawbone had substantially receded, exposing the nerves, which caused the pain when they got in contact with foods. Dental implant works by installing titanium post or “implant” through the gum and into the jawbone. This gives your new tooth as much stability as the original root. After the post is given time to bond and fuse to the jawbone, a custom crown is permanently installed. Not only will it be indistinguishable from your other teeth, it will also be completely functional. This means you have no dietary restrictions-you can eat whatever you ate before your tooth loss. In my case, it took about six months of dental procedures (bone grafting, surgery, incision, screwing of abutments, trail runs, etc.) before the crowns were finally put in place. Anybody who wants to take pleasure in the joy of eating of his or her youth may ask me where and whom to go to. Enjoy eating.

Atty. Constantino Marcaida



I had visited a lot of dentists for my dental troubles. I changed from doctors to doctors, but nothing seems to cure my problem. It slowly interfered with my daily living — my eating, talking and even simple activities like work because of headaches and gum pain. Then someone mentioned Dra. Cynthia Meimban to me, a dentist who practices in Ortigas. I took a leap of faith and went to her clinic. Lo and behold, my dental issues were solved! She performed implants, bone grafting and sinus lifting on me. Even though I have to travel back and forth from Pampanga to Ortigas, it was worth it. Thank you!

Ronilo Roncal Sr.

Angeles City, Pampanga

Magneo Param

All my hassle while talking and during eating were gone since I have my dental implants. Now I can bite harder foods like various nuts now. I feel younger everyday and I can smile confidently and I feel very comfortable with myself.

At the start I feel nervous but the way Dr. Cynthia handle my dental implant treatment I feel relax. The time, effort, and expenses were all worth it because I feel and look like (everybody says) younger than before I had my implants with a smile full of happiness. Thank you Dra. Cynthia for helping me achieve this feeling of self confidence and comfort.

Magneo Param

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